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Is Reefer Fuel the Same as Red Dyed Diesel?

Understanding Reefer Fuel and Red Dyed Diesel There are various types of diesel fuel that are tailored for specific uses and compliance with legal requirements. A common question that arises is whether reefer fuel is the same as red dye diesel. Here, we’ll explore the many facets of reefer fuel and dyed diesel to help […]

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Does Off-Road Diesel Go Bad? Preservation Tips and Solutions

Does Off-Road Diesel Go Bad? Learn About Off-Road Diesel Storage Understanding the storage limits of off-road diesel is crucial for maintaining fuel efficiency and machinery performance. This guide from Fuel Core will explain how off-road diesel can degrade and what you can do to preserve its quality. Understanding Off-Road Diesel Off-road diesel, distinguished by its […]

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Why Is Dyed Diesel Illegal? Understanding Off-Road Diesel Regulations

Dyed Diesel Fuel and Regular Diesel Dyed diesel fuel, often referred to as "off-road diesel," has been a topic of legal and regulatory discussions across the United States. The distinct red dye added to this diesel variant is not just for aesthetics; it signifies a specific use case and tax exemption status. Unlike regular, undyed […]

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Extending the Life of Your Off-Road Diesel Fuel

In today's fast-paced world, where efficiency and reliability are paramount, the role of off-road diesel in powering essential machinery cannot be overstated. The fuel's quality, directly linked to its storage conditions, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of heavy-duty equipment used in construction, agriculture, and various industries. Understanding the nuances of how […]

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Wet-hosing Fuel Delivery: Optimize Your Fleet Operations and Drive Cost Savings

In today's challenging business landscape, saving costs and streamlining operations is crucial for companies of all sizes. Fuel expenses, particularly, can significantly impact the bottom line, especially for businesses managing large vehicle fleets. However, there is a solution that can help businesses take control of their fueling costs and increase operational efficiency: wet-hosing fuel delivery […]

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5 DEF Storage Tips for Your Onsite Diesel Exhaust Fluid Supply

In the trucking world, environmental regulations have become increasingly stringent, driving the need for advanced emission reduction systems. Enter diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), a vital component that ensures trucks comply with these standards while optimizing performance. If you're managing an onsite DEF supply, you understand the importance of preserving its integrity over time. To help […]

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What are the benefits of fuel tank rentals?

Fuel tanks can be a great investment to save on costs, but companies that don't have a need for fuel year-round aren't seeing those savings. Fortunately, businesses can rent their fuel tanks to get cost savings along with convenience. With so many advantages to consider, it's worth taking the time to explore why investing in […]

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Emergency Fuel Plan

As a business owner, it is crucial always to be prepared for unexpected events. One of the most important aspects of preparation is having an emergency fuel plan. A fuel shortage or emergency can cause significant downtime and financial loss, which can be avoided with a proper plan in place. Here are some essential tips […]

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How Long Does It Take to Fuel a Diesel Locomotive?

In the bustling world of railways, one question that often arises is, "How long does it take to fuel a diesel locomotive?" It's not just about pouring fuel into a tank; there's a lot more to it. In this article, we'll delve into the intricacies of fueling a diesel locomotive, the factors that influence the […]

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Why Are Diesel Trains Never Turned Off? Learn here!

Why Are Diesel Trains Never Turned Off? Imagine the rhythmic chug of a diesel train, its powerful engine humming in the background. Now, picture it stationary at a depot, yet the engine still purrs. It's not a mistake or oversight; there's a deliberate reason behind it. Diesel trains, despite being stationary for hours, are often […]

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